ASUS Keyboard Mapping

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Currently the key mapping for the Asus Claymore keyboard is inaccurate. Below you will find a table displaying the reported key, along with the actual key it corresponds to.

Reported Key Actual Key Reported Key Actual Key Reported Key Actual Key
keyboard_F2 F1 keyboard_L Y keyboard_blank11 X
keyboard_F3 F2 keyboard_SemicolonAndColon U keyboard_blank12 C
keyboard_F4 F3 keyboard_ApostropheAndDoublreQuote I keyboard_blank13 V
keyboard_F5 F4 keyboard_NonUSTilde O keyboard_blank14 B
keyboard_F7 F5 keyboard_LeftShift P keyboard_blank15 N
keyboard_F8 F6 keyboard_NonUsBackslash LeftBracket keyboard_blank16 M
keyboard_F9 F7 keyboard_Z RightBracket keyboard_blank17 CommaAndLessThan
keyboard_F10 F8 keyboard_X Backslash keyboard_blank18 PeriodAndBiggerThan
keyboard_F12 F9 keyboard_B Delete keyboard_blank19 SlashAndQuestionMark
keyboard_GraveAccentAndTilde F10 keyboard_N End keyboard_blank22 RightShift
keyboard_1 F11 keyboard_M PageDown keyboard_blank26 ArrowUp
blank0 F12 keyboard_LeftCtrl CapsLock keyboard_blank32 LeftCrtl
keyboard_2 PrintScreen keyboard_LeftGui A keyboard_blank33 WindowsKey
keyboard_3 Scroll Lock keyboard_LeftAlt S keyboard_blank34 LeftAlt
keyboard_4 Pause Break keyboard_Lang2 D keyboard_blank36 Space
keyboard_9 GraveAccentAndTilde keyboard_Space F keyboard_blank41 RightAlt
keyboard_0 1 keyboard_Lang1 G keyboard_blank42 FNkey
keyboard_MinusAndUnderscore 2 keyboard_RightAlt H keyboard_blank43 Application
keyboard_EqualsAndPlus 3 keyboard_RightGui J keyboard_blank45 RightCrtl
keyboard_Backspace 4 keyboard_Application K keyboard_blank48 LeftArrow
keyboard_Tab 5 keyboard_RightCtrl L keyboard_blank49 DownArrow
keyboard_Q 6 keyboard_international1 SemicolonAndColon keyboard_blank50 RightArrow
keyboard_W 7 keyboard_international2 ApostropheAndDoubleQuote
keyboard_E 8 keyboard_international5 Enter
keyboard_R 9 keyboard_blank9 Shift
keyboard_T 0 keyboard_blank10 Z